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Fight back against increasingly aggressive and brazen criminals with the latest self-defense product: The HEAT Pepper Launcher. Made by Streetwise Security Products, the leader in the personal security products industry for nearly 35 years, the HEAT fires .50 caliber pepper rounds, metal balls, or rubber balls at almost 500 feet per second to allow you to safely defend yourself from up to 60 feet away.


Our streets are no longer safe. Never walk alone. Carry the HEAT.


Semi-automatic pistol holds 6 rounds of .50 caliber pepper balls, inert training rounds, metal balls, or rubber balls

Maximum strength pepper rounds: 5% PAVA

Perfect aim not required: pepper rounds explode on impact creating a 6-foot cloud of pepper

The effect of the pepper is immediate causing temporary loss of sight, severe coughing, gagging, wheezing, subduing your target, and giving you plenty of time to get away.

Unlike other self-defense products, close contact with your assailant is not required. The HEAT has an effective range of up to 60 feet

Fast and easy to load and fire

Picatinny rail for mounting accessories like flashlights and laser sights

No background checks or permits required

Safety trigger

Complete Kit contains:

  • 10 Rubber Balls
  • 10 Pepper Rounds (5% PAVA)
  • 10 Quicksilver (metal composite) Rounds
  • 2 CO2 Canisters


Launcher Only:

  • Ammo and CO2 must be purchased separately


California Compliant contains:

  • 10 Rubber Balls
  • 10 Quicksilver (metal composite) Rounds
  • 2 CO2 Canisters

Streetwise The Heat Pepper Launcher

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Live rounds are not allowed in CA, NY and MA.  The units and inert rounds are allowed

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