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Pepper spray is a great self-defense tool however it requires some separation between you and your attacker. The patent pending Strike and Spray by Streetwise Security Products is ideal for close-quarter situations where you are grabbed by an attacker. The sharp edge on the bottom of the unit can be used to hammer strike your attacker and create enough separation for you to discharge the pepper spray and make your escape.
Why Strike and Spray Double Defender?
Safe: Not only will it keep you safe from an attacker but it is also safe to use. The pepper spray has safety nozzle that needs to be turned before it will spray. The sharp protective edge on the bottom of the unit is protected by a rubber guard that automatically moves out of the way when force is applied to an attacker.
Comfortable: designed for runners by a runner. Multiple improvements have been made to create the most comfortable level possible, without sacrificing quality, strength, and effectiveness.
Hands Free Convenience: your hands are free to reach for water, check your phone, push a stroller, etc. Simply slip over the palm of your hand and go. Avoid the fatigue of carrying something extra while running or just out and about.
Effective: the inventor has an extensive background in criminal justice and law enforcement. With her background in defense she developed this product with a focus on effectiveness. It is designed for anyone who wants to feel safer during their run, walk, or any outdoor activity.


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