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  • Is Self-Defense Legal?
    Yes, if specific criteria are met according to the law, self-defense is perfectly legal. In legal terms, self-defense is what’s known as an affirmative defense—a defense where the defendant (the defender in this instance) introduces evidence that, if found to be credible, justifies the defender’s actions for what would otherwise be an illegal act. 😀
  • What Is Considered Self-Defense?
    Self-defense is any level of physical force that you use in defense from a threat (to prevent force from being used against you). To make a successful claim of self-defense, several criteria must be met. (1) You should reasonably believe that the person you use force against must be able to cause bodily harm to you, a concept known as “ability.” (2) You should reasonably believe the person is able to cause bodily harm to you when the incident is occurring, a concept known as “opportunity.” (3) You must be in reasonable fear that the person you are using force against as a defense intends to use both their ability and opportunity to cause you bodily harm, right now, a concept known as “immediacy.” (4) Finally, you must not have acted in any way that would invalidate your claim of self-defense, such as attempting to bait someone into an encounter with the purpose of using force against them.
  • Can You Go to Jail if You Defend Yourself?
    Yes, if your defense claim of self-defense is found to be invalid or unreasonable, the way the law is written means you can absolutely be convicted and sentenced to jail or prison. The law is nuanced and it’s wise to have a lawyer handle issues related to the law and defense against threats for you. 😣
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