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Trenda Logo (2)_edited.png


Welcome to our empowering haven, forged from the disciplined crucible of a Navy Security department veteran. In a community once marked by unseen vulnerabilities, we emerged as a beacon of change, a transformation rooted in the invaluable experiences of someone who spent 2.5 years mastering situational awareness, de-escalation, and the force continuum triangle within the Navy Security realm. Our journey isn't just about self-defense products and Tai Chi; it's about channeling the wisdom gained from mastering mental health and embracing a healthier lifestyle. As a student and Tai Chi instructor, I bring this wealth of knowledge to empower you, breaking through limits, and transforming not just bodies but entire communities. Join You Tried It Protection — where resilience is not just a word; it's a lifestyle. Welcome to empowerment, welcome to transformation.

Trenda Logo (2)_edited.png
Trenda Logo (2)_edited.png
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Are you tired of feeling defenseless in the face of potential threats?

Say goodbye to the fear of the unknown with a device that doesn't just deter but empowers. Compact yet powerful, it puts control back in your hands.

Ever find yourself walking alone in an unfamiliar area, wishing you had an extra layer of protection?

No more late-night jitters or uneasy solo walks. Our personal alarm isn't just a sound; it's peace of mind. A device so small it fits on your keychain yet powerful enough to grab attention in any situation.

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Are you tired of feeling vulnerable during your daily commute or evening strolls?

A compact, Easily accessible pepper spray that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle, empowering you with the confidence to navigate any situation. It's not just about self-defense; it's about taking control of your personal space.

Yearning for a holistic approach to self-improvement?

Welcome to You Tried It Protection Tai Chi Classes, where mind, body, and spirit unite for a transformative journey. In a world of constant hustle, our Tai Chi classes provide a sanctuary for self-discovery and well-being. a serene environment where you can shed stress, build inner strength, and foster self-awareness. Our classes aren't just about learning movements; they're about cultivating a stronger, more centered version of yourself.

"Since embracing You Tried It Protection, I've reclaimed control over my personal safety. The discreet pepper spray, personal alarm, and stun gun are not just tools; they're peace of mind. As a busy mom, these produtcs addresses my pain points and empowers me daily. Thanks, You Tried It Protection, for prioritizing our safety!" 

Alexa Young, Tx

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